Woven Peril, by Jeffrey Collyer

Book 2 in The Aylosian Chronicles

“Love these books cant wait for number 3 . . They are so well written and keep you glued… The series gets even better.”

“This second book is pretty dark at times, suspenseful and surprising with some of the twists and turns. I’m waiting anxiously to find out how this will all turn out in the final volume.”

The Guardian’s forces may have left the forest, but they haven’t departed from Michael’s mind…

…as he struggles to learn what his enemy will do next. Torn between feelings of guilt and love, he must now push ahead to find mythical halls deep in the earth, where secrets from the distant past are spoken of, and new riddles unearthed.

Entering dark paths, Michael must learn to use his growing power if he is to discover that which will save the land, at the same time as trying to protect those now under his care from new and deadly monsters sent to hunt him.

And all while he struggles to understand mysteries surrounding his mother.

An age range of 12+ is advised for this book


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