If you’re interested in submitting your book to Aelurus Publishing, or if you have any questions, please use the contact form below. Alternatively, you can email us.

We’ll get back to you following your enquiry as soon as possible, requesting the first three thousand (3,000) words or first three chapters of your novel to review.

Because we’re just a small team, we won’t be able to accept all submissions yet, but we hope to expand our team as time goes on.

Thanks for choosing Aelurus Publishing!

Our submission guidelines are as follows:

Submission Requirements
You are the author of the work and hold all copyrights
Your book content should contain no gratuitous sex, violence or bad language. We do not accept erotica.
You complete the submission form in full
You accept that Aelurus Publishing are under no obligation to accept your submission, and that our decision on whether or not to accept your manuscript is entirely at our discretion and is final
If published, your work will be priced at a minimum of US$1.99.
Upon request, you send us a sample of the first 3,000 words or the first three chapters of your manuscript. Submissions should be in Microsoft Word, Times New Roman font size 12, double-spaced.
While we do not expect you to have had your manuscript professionally edited when you submit it to us, you should make every effort for your work to be as "polished" as you can make it. One factor in determining whether we accept a submission is the amount of work required by our editor.
In the message section, please give us a short summary of your story, who your target audience is, and tell us why you're thinking about submitting to us
We do not, at this time, work via agents

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