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What's with the cat and the strange company name?

Aelurus (pronounced eye-loo-rus) is a latin word for cat, hence the feline logo. What can we say? The company founder is a cat lover.

What genres do you accept?

We're not a genre-specific publisher so we'll accept submission from a broad range of fiction. We won't publish erotica, however, and if your book contains (in our opinion) gratuitous sex, violence, or bad language we may choose to pass on it, too. If in doubt, please ask.

Can you produce a book cover for me?

Yes, we can produce a book cover for both your ebook and, if you choose, for a paperback copy too. Our aim will be to create a cover that gives a feel for your book, but also clearly looks like it's within your chosen genres. Your target audience will be more likely to take a closer look if so.

Of course, we'll work with you on the cover, so it's something you're happy with.

Can you format my book?

Yes, definitely. We're familiar with formatting for Kindle, Kobo, iBooks and others, as well as for Createspace and Ingram Spark for paperback copies. We see this as part of the core service we offer.

Where will you distribute my book?

If we publish your book, we'll discuss with you the options. By default, we will publish ebooks to Amazon and enrol them in KDP Select, which we believe usually works best for new authors. Paperbacks we will publish to Amazon, as well as make it available for wider distribution through Ingram Spark.

If, however, you want to stay exclusive to one channel: for example if you want to be only in Amazon to take advantage of KDP Select advantages, we can accommodate your needs. This is your book, and we believe you need to retain the ability to make as many decisions as possible.

Do I have to publish through you?

No, not at all. If you wish to pay upfront for our services, you're free to take the work we've done for you (we'll transfer all the copyrights to you).

If you still want to publish through us, you can of course and we'll then agree with you an appropriate royalty share. If you don't want to or can't pay upfront for the services, you will need to publish through us for the royalty share.

Can you edit my book?

Yes. We have a fantastic editor on the team, which means we can provide a full content and copy edit for your book. Even if there are only minor things we notice when we read through your work, we will also make suggestions to you.

Will you provide an ISBN?

If you choose to self-publish ebooks you don't have to have an ISBN, although publishers use them. For paperback and hardback copies, ISBNs are required. If we are publishing your book for you, we will provide ISBNs at no cost.

I can't afford your services. Are there any other options for me?

We understand that as a first-time author you may not have spare funds to pay for others to turn your book into reality. That's why one of our options is a royalty share. That means we won't charge you anything upfront, but instead will share any royalties you make. To take advantage of this option, you will need to publish your book through us, and keep your book with us for at least 3 years.

How will you price my book?

The pricing of ebooks is a matter of serious debate, with opposing views expressed. As a rule, we take the view that books should be priced in line with their genre, and promotional pricing should be used sparingly and for a specific reason.

With the caveats below, however, you're free to set your own price. As far as free goes, we generally don't support this for an author's first book. That can change as more books are published if the free offer is aimed at getting sales for subsequent books in the series.

If we are publishing your book, we wouldn't be able to support permanently free books - or even 99c books - as we would never be able to cover our costs.

However, we want to work with you to agree your book's price and if you want to experiment with short term discounted or free to support a specific promotion, then we'll more than likely support it.

Will paperback copies of my book get onto the shelves of bookstores?

We can't guarantee that physical bookstores will stock your book. However, the approach we take to publishing paperback copies makes it possible. We will create a paperback for sale on Amazon through Createspace. But Createspace isn't great for getting into bricks and mortar stores. So we also publish through a company called Ingram Spark. They are a major distributor of physical books to physical bookstores.

What royalties will I receive and when will I receive them?

When you publish with us, royalties from the various sellers will be paid direct to us. Within thirty days of our receiving those royalties, we will disburse owed royalties to you.

As far as how the royalty share will work, here are some general guidelines:

  • There will be a base royalty % we retain for the general administration of your book with sellers, and for a basic level of marketing,
  • If we have produced your cover and/or edited your book, and you have chosen to make this part of the royalty share, we will add a further %
  • For each different format (ebook and print) we've converted your book to, we will also add a %
  • The royalty share is based on gross royalties, meaning there are no hidden costs. If Amazon (for example) paid $100 in royalties for your book, and we had a 50:50 royalty share, you would never receive less than $50 from us.