Information for Authors

Hi. My name is Jeff, and I founded Aelurus Publishing. I'm an author myself, and write both fiction and non-fiction.

Here at Aelurus we offer a few different things. As a Publisher we have two publishing imprints.

The first is Aelurus Publishing. That's where we're interested in publishing really high quality fiction – books we can get excited about, and usually by authors who have some experience with writing novels. We offer a small advance for books we think have loads of potential. We can't publish many of these each year, but when we do we'll put our heart and soul into making them the best they can be, and trying to make them a success.

Our second publishing imprint is called Curiosity Press. Here we aim to work with new authors who are struggling in the confusing world of self or indie publishing. We don't offer an advance, but instead do something much more imaginative. We'll give you a royalty share based on what support you need. You already have an awesome cover? No problem, you can keep it and your share of the royalties will be higher.

When I started out writing I took the decision to self-publish. I liked the control it gave me, as well as the much greater speed with which I could get to market. I'm still pleased I went down that route.

However, it was a steep learning curve. I was lucky, because due to some health problems I had the time and found the resources I needed to help me get published, but even then I made mistakes and will do things differently next time. And I know a lot of writers are happy following the same course.

If you're new to writing and aren't comfortable with doing it all yourself, though, it can be hard to find the right people to help out. You've written your book, it's edited. Now what? Are you happy with the cover? What about formatting it for Amazon, or Kobo? Or maybe even a paperback version? And you're wary (or should be) of people and companies that will take your money and just not do what you want them to. It can all be just a little overwhelming.

I think of it this way. New writers are vulnerable writers. Loads – and I mean loads – of people will try and take your money from you. So maybe you're scared. And that's fine. I was when I started out.

This is where Curiosity Press comes in. We can help you with all of that, because we can help with your cover, editing, formatting and more.

What? You say you can't afford it? Well, we can help with that too, because we have two options:

  1. Pay upfront for the services you want
  2. Pay nothing upfront and we'll split the royalties (that's gross royalties, not net - we don't have any hidden charges).


Meet the Team

Molly Phipps

Head of Design

Hi! My name is Molly. I’m a bestselling author, however, I also have a love for book design as an art, which spurred me into trying my hand at freelance work (when I’m not deep in the writing cave, that is).

I graduated from Regent’s College in London in 2009 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media, which focused primarily on photography, digital art, and film production. I’m always looking for new opportunities to test myself, so I welcome any and all potential projects.

I can’t wait to meet you, and I hope we get to work together soon!

Rebecca Jaycox


Rebecca Jaycox grew up in the tiny town of Berryman, which borders the Mark Twain National Forest and the Courtois River about 70 miles south of St. Louis. The beautiful landscape fed her imagination, and she began writing stories at age 10 and never stopped.

Always seeking adventure, Rebecca moved to France after she graduated college with a journalism degree to teach English at a French high school. Bitten by the travel bug, she has visited Italy, Greece, Austria, Spain, and finally made it to her bucket-list destination of Istanbul last summer. Rebecca now lives in New York City with her husband, Gregory.

When she's not writing her next novel, Rebecca continues to contribute to the writing community by providing editing services to indie novelists. For more than five years, she's helped aspiring writers develop their work and loves to find that diamond in the rough that just needs a little polishing so it shines.

Jeff Collyer


I'm a writer, of course, and have been through the whole self-publishing cycle a few times now.

I have loads of experience running businesses, but what I'm really passionate about is helping writers make their work shine, and aiding them in their navigation through the often mysterious and always confusing world of publishing.