Episode 2: Aurora Lightbourne, Science Fantasy Author


Aurora began writing stories almost as soon as she learned to write. From her 1st grade ‘journal’ full of tales of rabbit adventures to her first full length book at 14.  She has always had a love for writing stories.

Besides words she also has a love for tech. From an early age Aurora built ‘bread boards’, soldering diodes and components to create such things as a light detecting alarm clock and other such …useless things.  She moved on to building her first DOS PC at 15. She also graduated School at 15. Later on she became a certified PC tech.

Aurora has over 20 books waiting to be written, and more adding to it each day. Most of her writing is Fantasy based, she has a few  fantasy/Sci-fi mixes (like Space Trippers) and at least one comedy adventure.

She hopes you enjoy reading her work as much as she enjoys writing it.

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