Awaken, by Michelle Bryan

"A great dystopian YA book.... If you enjoy post apocalyptic reads, definitely give this one a shot!" -- CK

"If I was not told, I would never have known that this was Michelle Bryan‘s first novel…. the characters were well-developed, the world-building is amazing, and she left me wanting more!" -- Mom with a Reading Problem

"Awaken is our first glimpse of the New Bloods Trilogy and if the next two books are anything like this one we are all in for one wild ride!" -- Red City Review

They destroyed her village. But they left Tara alive. That was their first mistake.

When everything she loves lies in ruins, Tara must run. From the deadly sand lands. From a merciless Prezedant.

And from the lies she’s been told her entire life.

With nowhere else to go, she heads to the town of Rivercross. But if Tara thinks she’ll find safety there, she’s mistaken. And the answers she receives raise only more questions.

And fear.

For her surviving kin. For what she must now do. Because being a New Blood is dangerous. She’ll be feared. She’ll be hunted.

And if she doesn’t find the power within herself soon, the crazed Prezedant’s grip on the world will become unstoppable.

Awaken is the first book in the young adult dystopian New Bloods series. With riveting characters, rich world-building and an intriguing story, this book by Michelle Bryan will leave you wanting more.

An age range of 12+ is advised for this book


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