The Other Queen, by Rebecca Jaycox

Book 2 in The Inheritance Series

"I'd been over a year since I immersed myself in Rebecca Jaycox's world, and I have been chomping at the bit for Part 2 in the Inheritance series ever since. I'm delighted to say, I was not the least bit disappointed."

One world. Two girls. An evil determined to destroy them both.

When Reggie finally makes it to her guardian, Rhys, she believes things will only get better. But fate has other plans.

Rescuing her father is her first priority, but when she discovers Andrius has both her mother and her best friend, she feels the weight of their captivity also on her shoulders. And as if that wasn’t enough, she is increasingly being visited by a mysterious girl known only as the Black Queen in her dreams–a girl being tortured by Andrius and who may hold the key to his defeat.

With time running out, Reggie and her friends race to devise a plan to rescue her loved ones and, with the Black Queen’s help, defeat Andrius. The dark mage has always been one step ahead of them, but maybe this time they’ll catch him by surprise.

Can Reggie finally gain the advantage over her enemy or is she playing right into his hands? In the cornstalks from her dreams she will find out.


An age range of 15+ is advised for this book


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