Royalty Share through Curiosity Press

If you’ve read the Information for Authors page, you already have a general idea of what Aelurus Publishing has been set up to do. We offer two ways to get your book published. The first is through our main Aleurus Publishing imprint, which operates much like a traditional publisher. The second is through our Curiosity Press imprint – that’s what this page is about.

What’s the difference between the two imprints?

As we say, the Aelurus Publishing imprint operates much like a traditional publisher: you submit your book, and if accepted we pay you an Advance. We will involve you in decisions about things like book covers and pricing, but ultimately it will be our decision. With Curiosity Press, things work a bit differently. Curiosity Press is ideal if you want to keep a bit more control over your book. Or maybe you know you need a professional cover, or some professional editing, and you just can’t afford it. That’s because we’ll do all this, and more, for you on a Royalty Share basis. So, you pay nothing upfront, and instead we take a percentage of your royalties for an agreed number of years. We’ll still have final say on the quality of editing and the cover (after all, it will be published under our imprint), but you’ll have much more say than you would being published under the Aelurus imprint.

No upfront cost to you

One of the main motivations for setting up Aelurus Publishing was seeing a lot of first-time authors struggling to deal with the learning curve of self-publishing, and also discovering they couldn’t afford the sort of professional services they needed. Things like copy and developmental editors, and beautiful covers, were out of reach to many of these people. I was once online when a person asked if anyone knew of a professional cover designer who worked on a royalty split basis. The answer was a resounding “no”. Curiosity Press does exactly that for you. Even if you’re totally broke, you can get these professional services with us, because we’ll do it on a royalty share basis.

A kind of a la carte

The royalty share option that comes with Curiosity Press isn’t the only thing that sets it apart form other services. Added to this is the option to select which services you need for your book. For example, you might already have a great book cover, or prefer to get one made elsewhere. If so, we can use your cover, and in doing so you will receive a higher percentage of the royalty share. That’s because you’ve saved us money, and so we’ll pass on those savings to you. The same goes for editing.

It’s important to note that we’ll still have the final say on whether a cover or the editing meets our requirements – after all, by publishing under the Curiosity Press imprint, it’s our name that is listed. But you’ll have far more flexibility with these things than you’d get with the Aelurus Publishing imprint.

And if you want to pay upfront for the cover, editing, or formatting, you can do, and then take it all away to publish it yourself. If you do that, we don’t get any final say on anything!

Should you submit your book to Aelurus Publishing or Curiosity Press?

If you know that you want the flexibility that comes with Curiosity Press, then go ahead and specify that imprint when you submit your manuscript. Otherwise, you don’t need to say one way or the other, just go ahead and submit it here. We’ll review your submission, and if we are able to accept it, we’ll tell you which imprint we’re considering it for.

Still undecided?

It’s a big decision submitting you manuscript to a publisher. If you’re still not sure whether we’re right for you, head on over to our Frequently Asked Questions page.