About Us

Welcome. We hope you’re as captivated by our stories as much as we enjoy making them with our authors. As you’re drawn into the tales we publish, they will fill you with adrenalin as you race with our heroes, or tear at your heartstrings as you face loss at their side.

Some of our books are fast-paced, while others will grip you with intrigue and mystery. We have desolate landscapes and lush magical worlds. We have action, despair, hope and love.

In all honesty, we’re really lucky to have such a great group of authors who have chosen to work with us. They tend to write stories that are Young Adult, Fantasy, Dystopian, Science Fiction, or any combination of these.

If those are the tales you enjoy reading, then come and browse our growing collection. Enter the worlds our authors have created. You won’t be disappointed.

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Molly Phipps

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