Into Light, by T. D. Shields

Book 2 in The Shadow and Light Series

"Poppy Walker is back... and it is every bit as thrilling an adventure as her first book"

She never expected to lead a rebellion.

When a terrorist plot that will kill innocent people is uncovered, Poppy decides the time has come to return to the nation’s capital. There she knows she will face her father’s murderer once again, Cruz Rodriguez. But when she meets old friends who are ready to overthrow the tyrannical leader, Poppy knows she must stay and help the cause.

Little does she know a traitor is amongst the conspirators. With friends soon dead and plans falling apart, Poppy must lead the resistance in a daring attempt to restore freedom to the Alliance. The old Poppy could never have done what was now necessary. But that girl no longer exists.

It all comes to a head when Poppy comes face to face with her would-be executioner. Cruz has always been one step ahead of her. Can Poppy turn the tables on him to free her nation?


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