Dreams and Shadows, by Jeffrey Collyer

Book 1 in The Aylosian Chronicles

“I don’t believe you could possibly put this book down before the last page is completed.”

“I was hooked, frantically turning pages while mentally coaxing myself to slow down and appreciate the beauty of this writing.”

A lonely boy seeking salvation. An evil intent on destroying him.

Living a solitary life in the local library, 18-year-old Michael is only too eager to enter a magical world where souls are sewn together and where music enchants the heart. He finally feels at home.

But deadly beasts also live here, as do hidden evils. Little does Michael know their eyes are on him. And that soon truth will become indistinguishable from lie.

Finding it impossible to determine friend from foe, he must look inside himself for answers – a quest more dangerous than any he has previously made.

And when in that journey he discovers an approaching genocide, he knows he must act. To save an innocent people. To save the woman he loves. And to save himself.

Because it’s not just his life that’s on the line now, but the answer as to who he really is.


An age range of 12+ is advised for this book


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