If you’d like to submit a manuscript to us, please follow the guidelines below.

We’re looking for fantasy and sci-fi stories that keep us turning the pages, have excellent prose, and that have themes that keep us thinking about them long after we’ve stopped reading. If your story will help us to see the world differently, all the better.

We’re especially interested to hear stories from or about people who are marginalised in society. That could include an alien species, a ferocious monster, or the outcast, for example. But hey, in these invented worlds let your imagination run wild!

If your manuscript isn’t Fantasy or Sci-fi, you might like to have a look at our Impress Books imprint to see if it’s a better fit there.

Submission guidelines

Please read and follow these guidelines carefully before submitting your manuscript to us

  1. Please include a synopsis of your story in 500 words or less. Please include the genre, the intended audience, and whether the work is a standalone book or part of a series
  2. Please include the first three chapters or 3,000 words of your manuscript (whichever is longer). This should be in Microsoft Word, double spaced, Times New Roman font size 12
  3. There should be no on-screen sex, gratuitous violence, or excessive bad language (e.g. no F-bombs)
  4. Please make sure your manuscript is complete before submitting your sample
  5. Your submission should be as polished and professional as you can make it
  6. Include all social media links

We accept submissions from both agents and directly from authors. To submit, please use the embedded form below. We regret that we currently only accept digital submissions.

We aim to reply to people within 6-8 weeks. However, we receive a high number of queries and for this reason it may be 3-6 months before you receive a response from us. We do, however, look at all submissions and we promise to reply.

We regret to say that if you don’t follow these guidelines, it may harm your chances of a positive reply.