Roy Schwartz

Originally from Tel Aviv, Israel, Roy grew up a voracious reader of everything from Israeli novels to British plays to American comic books. He taught himself English from comics and cartoons, and feels perfectly comfortable using words like “swell.”

He served his three-year draft in the IDF as a Non-Commissioned Officer in Counterterrorism Intelligence. Following, he wrote for Ynet, Israel’s largest news website.

His love of writing brought him to New York, where he graduated magna cum laude from The New School University with a BA in English, majoring in creative writing, and cum laude from NYU with an interdisciplinary MA in English literature (19th-century British and 20th-century American) and social thought.

Roy’s reading taste is still eclectic, ranging from history to biomechanics, though his favorites are science fiction and fantasy in all their forms. He is the author of Is Superman Circumcised? How Jewish Culture Created the Man of Steel(working title), a nonfiction book coming out fall 2018. The Darkness in Lee’s Closet and the Others Waiting There is his first novel.

Roy lives on Long Island with his wife Kim, a bestselling author, their son Ethan, a smart and smiley toddler, and dog Inez, who’s not really good at much but sure is cute. When not writing books, Roy is the director of communications of a Wall St. law firm.