The Watcher series, by AJ Eversley

Hunt the bots. Avoid the carbons. Stay alive.

Sawyer’s life is simple, if not easy. Her home might be in ruins, but she can protect what’s left of it…

Divergent meets Terminator in this epic YA Trilogy. Get it today.

Watcher – The Watcher series, book 1

Watcher book cover

Book 1 in The Watcher series

“… a strong start to an exciting dystopian series that promises to be a thrilling trilogy — Library of Clean Reads

I was a big fan of Divergent and I thought that Eversley created a world that was more interesting while also making the story stand on its own.  Brian’s Book Blog

Hunt the bots. Avoid the carbons. Stay alive.

Sawyer’s life is simple, if not easy. Her home might be in ruins, but she can protect what’s left of it.

A city destroyed by the bots—that’s home. Humans have been hunted, but Sawyer is one of a few who have turned the tables. She’s a Watcher. Taking out the bots one by one. Protecting what’s left. It’s the carbons she needs to be wary of. Faster and stronger than humans, they’re dangerous. But Sawyer’s smarter. That will keep her alive.

At least, that’s what she believed. But the carbons are evolving, and their plans are ever more cunning. Suddenly her friends are dying. Safety can no longer be taken for granted—not even for the Watchers. At least she has Kenzie. Love is a strong word, but whatever they have, it’s what keeps her going.

Embarking on a desperate mission to save humanity from extinction, Sawyer discovers that the line between friend and foe is no longer easily drawn when one of her own betrays them.

And when a horrific plan comes to fruition, Sawyer will have a choice: who to save, and who to let go.

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Carbon – The Watcher series, book 2

Carbon book cover

Book 2 in The Watcher series

I flew through its pages, enjoying not only the suspenseful and action-packed scenes, but also the whole gamma of emotions that Sawyer goes through. — Library of Clean Reads

What do you do when you become your own worst nightmare?

No longer the Watcher she once was, Sawyer must come to terms with her new reality. Her new identity. She may have new powers, but if she uses them, can she avoid losing herself in the process?

Desperate for answers, sawyer travels to the United Isles with Max in search of help. Of someone who could be an ally. Someone who could break the connection she has to those who will abuse her power. But the haven they find can’t remain that way. And their new allies aren’t the people Sawyer believed them to be.

When the defences of the Isles are finally breached, Sawyer will be forced to make choices. She’s hoping to save as many as she can, but when a former lover attempts to kill her, she’ll have to fight to save just herself.

Saving her own life is only one thing Sawyer is fighting for, though. More importantly, can she save her soul? If she still has one to save.


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Savior – The Watcher series, book 3

Savior book cover

Book 3 in The Watcher series

Every time someone asks what they should pick up if they are a YA fan – I’m going to recommend this series … — Brian’s Book Blog

I read this book with every spare moment I had and finished it quite quickly with an ending that brought tears to my eyes. — Library of Clean Reads

She must save humanity. Even if it breaks her.

Sawyer knows Coleman will return. Of that, there’s no doubt. What’s more, their army can’t beat them—even with her growing powers. But fate has placed the future of the human race in her hands, so she has to try.

In the forest and mountains, she might find allies. She’ll need them. But more than that, she’ll need nerves of steel. Because leading the charge against humanity is a man she once trusted, she once loved. A man she thought was dead. A man who will stop at nothing to try and kill her. Kenzie.

It will never end unless Sawyer can confront and defeat Coleman once and for all. A spaceship circling the earth is where everything must come to a head. A desperate mission to save a friend and defeat a foe.

Her steely nerves can’t last forever, though. The question is whether she can hold on long enough to save her friends before the reality of what she must do breaks her.


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