The Wheel of Crowns, by Brandi Elledge

What’s the worst thing about living in a town full of supernaturals? Being the only person without any special abilities, of course.

But when Sadie turns 18, all that’s about to change. And it’s not long before she wishes she’d stayed a dud…

Wheel of Crowns Books 1-5

The Werewolf Queen – Wheel of Crowns, book 1

The Crimson Legacy book 1

Book 1 in the Wheel of Crowns series

I always wished I had supernatural powers. Now I wish I didn’t.

Sadie’s a dud, a failure–the only one in high school who doesn’t have any kind of supernatural powers. Her psychic bff, Jo, knows something about Sadie’s future, but just won’t tell. And what the heck is going on when one of her teachers starts looking at her while he’s going on about powerful lost keys, portals of madness, and destinies?

Then it all starts.

On her 18th birthday, Sadie starts to feel weird. And when werewolves, vampires, and demons all turn up to spoil her party, the weirdness really ramps up.

Leaving her best friend, her family, and the only town she’s ever known, Sadie must find safety. But while the king of the werewolves can offer her somewhere to hide while she’s learning about her new powers, he can’t stop his psycho witch fiancée from finding new ways to try and kill her. Of course, the murderous tendencies of this psycho witch only get worse when she realises the Werewolf King is, um… attracted to Sadie.

And all that’s before Sadie sets off to try and find one of the lost keys. Before she visits hell. Before she picks up a pet ogre.

And before she realizes just how powerful she can become.

But if it really is her destiny to collect one of the lost keys, will she be able control her newfound power and help save the world and all the people in it she loves? Or will she buckle under the pressure?

She’s about to find out. A mansion surrounded by demons and full of vampires and witches intent on her destruction awaits. Oh, and that psycho-witch fiancée of the Werewolf King. What could possibly go wrong?


An age range of 12+ is advised for this book

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The Queen of Witches – Wheel of Crowns, book 2

Carbon book cover

Book 2 in the Wheel of Crowns series

She knew Werewolves weren’t real. Working with one was only the start of her problems.

Charlie is afraid. Since her 18th birthday, strange things have been happening around her—like randomly starting fires or turning things to ice. But things are about to get even weirder.

When two good looking guys turn up in town both wanting her to help them, Charlie doesn’t want anything to do with them. But when of them asks her to help him find something, he gives her an offer she can’t refuse. And Charlie discovers more than she could have suspected.

Because the man she’s helping is a Werewolf—something she knew didn’t exist.

And the weird things she’s been doing? Probably makes her… something else she never believed in—something that’s confirmed when she’s kidnapped and forced to put on a wedding dress to marry a powerful warlock. She’s a witch.

But if Charlie thinks avoiding a wedding is the biggest of her problems, she has another thing coming. Many things coming actually. Because she’s made the Prince of Hell mad as… well, hell. And, with a bunch of his evil chums, he’s coming for her.

She’d better hope she masters the whole ‘turning things to ice’ magic pretty fast. And that the Werewolf can track her down. Because staying in hell is exactly like it sounds. And getting out might just take more than she can give.


An age range of 12+ is advised for this book

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The Vampire Queen – Wheel of Crowns, book 3

Book 3 in the Wheel of Crowns series

It’s not easy being the worst vampire ever.

Tandi may have been killed by ghouls, but now she’s a brand new vampire. And she’s determined to be the best.

But determination can’t take her very far when she won’t even kill a deer for its blood. Not to mention she’s not as subservient to her master—the Prince of Vampires—as she should be. Despite him being a dead hot guy, and powerful enough to have broken free of the Queen’s influence.

Little does she know that the Queen of Vampires wants her Prince back, and Tandi’s about to get caught in the middle. Just as well the Prince is unusually protective of her, even if she is trying to hide her developing feelings for him. Because when they’re invited to a wedding, the Queen will plan Tandi’s death. And the crown-wearing vamp has several ways to do it.

But Tandi is full of surprises herself.

When a disreputable cat turns up promising to help, together with the gorgeous Prince they hatch a plan. It’s dangerous. Maybe even deadly. But if everything goes just right, they might just have a chance.

Of course, when does anything go just right? Maybe being killed by ghouls wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

An age range of 12+ is advised for this book

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The Demon Queen – Wheel of Crowns, book 4

The Crimson Legacy book 1

Book 4 in the Wheel of Crowns series

Ruling demons has never been easy. But it’s about to get a lot harder.

Carmen is finally free from years of torture. And with her evil daddy—the Demon King—dead, she’s also wearing the crown and ruling with sass, even if she still doesn’t have her own body back. But being a Queen isn’t as easy as she thought it would be. Not when she has a weakness. One she must keep secret.Because unlike her demon subjects, Carmen isn’t completely evil. And that tiny spot of goodness in her heart might just be her undoing. Demons don’t take kindly to their ruler being nice, you see.When rumours of her weakness begin to circulate, the mutiny is on. And Carmen will have to look for help from an unexpected source. From someone she has every right to be wary of. Someone she really shouldn’t be developing feelings for.But a certain soothsayer has been guiding events behind the scenes—for the most part behind the scenes, anyway. And if those plans include Carmen getting her body back, she might just have the power to keep her crown.With the usual mix of adventure, romance, humour, and a healthy dose of sass you won’t want to miss this 4th book in the Wheel of Crowns series.


 An age range of 12+ is advised for this book

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The Zombie Queen – Wheel of Crowns, book 5

The Crimson Legacy book 1

Book 5 in the Wheel of Crowns series

Running from Death would be easier if he wasn’t so gorgeous.


When Tandi rescued Tamara from her evil Vampire Queen mother, Tam didn’t hang around. All she wanted was to live a normal life. Go to college, read books, and command people to do what she wanted. So, when Death started stalking her, Tamara started running.

But no-one can hide from Death forever, and when he finally tracks her down, she knows she’s in trouble. It’s not just the crazy plan he has, but Wowzer! Turns out Death is drop dead gorgeous. Who would have thought?

When Tamara finally decides to listen to the hunky man holding the scythe, she discovers someone is raising the dead. Because of her Zombie King father, she has the power of necromancy, and maybe she can be the one to stop whoever is creating the zombie army. But those are dangerous paths to tread. If she goes too far, she might cause her own death rather than, well, Death doing so.

Tamara will have to go way beyond what she ever thought was possible to stop the growing evil. The question is, will she be able to find her way back again?

An age range of 12+ is advised for this book

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