The Demon Queen, by Brandi Elledge

Book 4 in The Wheel of Crowns series

Ruling demons has never been easy. But it’s about to get a lot harder.

Carmen is finally free from years of torture. And with her evil daddy—the Demon King—dead, she’s also wearing the crown and ruling with sass, even if she still doesn’t have her own body back. But being a Queen isn’t as easy as she thought it would be. Not when she has a weakness. One she must keep secret.

Because unlike her demon subjects, Carmen isn’t completely evil. And that tiny spot of goodness in her heart might just be her undoing. Demons don’t take kindly to their ruler being nice, you see.

When rumours of her weakness begin to circulate, the mutiny is on. And Carmen will have to look for help from an unexpected source. From someone she has every right to be wary of. Someone she really shouldn’t be developing feelings for.

But a certain soothsayer has been guiding events behind the scenes—for the most part behind the scenes, anyway. And if those plans include Carmen getting her body back, she might just have the power to keep her crown.

With the usual mix of adventure, romance, humour, and a healthy dose of sass you won’t want to miss this 4th book in the Wheel of Crowns series.


An age range of 12+ is advised for this book

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