Ascension, by Michelle Bryan

"I'm on pins and needles waiting for the conclusion! If you enjoy young adult, science fiction, dystopians, then this series is for you!" -- Mom with a reading problem

Michelle Bryan’s second novel in her trilogy, Ascension, is fast-paced and exciting, with a fun host of personalities.Red City Review

A shining city promises death. Tara must go there anyway.

In this thrilling sequel to Awaken, Tara must choose between the impossible. She knows she isn’t the person everyone wants her to be; wants nothing to do with the rebellion and strange powers that are as likely to kill her friends as her enemies.

But the Prezedant has Ben, her only remaining kin. She made a promise to save him. A promise she can only keep if she tries anyway.

When they finally reach the seat of the Prezedant’s power, a masquerade ball becomes the perfect stage to set in motion a plan to save Ben. It will begin and end there in a battle against the tyrant and a daring escape that will shake the world.

It will shake Tara, too, as she learns truths that change everything she had believed about herself.

An age range of 12+ is advised for this book


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